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Design- Our design service will help you to visualise your ideas and present a proposal to your client. Office design, product development and construction plans are all included in our service. 
Need to make changes to the finish or size? No problem. We can show you how it will affect the end result.
Our 3D visualisation service comes with a guarantee that we will reimburse the full amount when you place an order for the product.
Once we receive your purchase order, NottOffice will provide a detailed drawing for you and/or your client to approve before manufacture of the unit commences. This will ensure we have interpreted your requirements correctly, and leave us with time to make changes if not.


Furniture Installation- Our dedicated team of professional furniture fitters are ideal to provide on-site assistance on your project, whether it be alongside your own team of builders or managed solely by ourselves.

Move Management and Relocations - A simple yet comprehensive move management and relocation service. From crate hire to dismantling of furniture, transport to packing, our comprehensive service is also a highly competitive service.


Leasing- We can assist you and your clients by arranging finance for both furniture and fit-out projects. Your clients can spread the cost of the project over a 2-5 year period.


·         Overcome budget limitations
·         Improve cash flow with fixed monthly payments
·         Be completely flexible
·         Enjoy tax benefits
·         And for tax paying organisations: It can be cheaper than paying cash! (On an average fit-out, an estimated 18% saving is made compared to paying cash. This is because lease rentals are fully allowable against taxable profits and do not have to be capitalised in the same way as cash purchase or loan agreements).

With over 20 years experience in leasing through our many finance providers, we can provide a comprehensive range of leasing finance solutions with competitive pricing on our quality ranges of office furniture.