Lock Options

Manual and Digital Combination Locks - The ideal solution for lower budget keyless-access. With nearly unlimited locking combinations, you can choose a fixed model (set a code and it remains your own locker) or ‘Free’ (which resets on every use for an unassigned locker). We offer both mechanical or digital options.

Battery and Networked RFID Locks - Operate lockers with NFC-enabled mobiles, cards and wristbands including MIFARE, which is standard across most access control systems, membership systems, cashless payment options, print management systems and cardio management systems, making systems cooperation across a site seamless on the same card, band or fob.

Benefits of a networked intelligent locker system :

•Multiple Locker Modes - Easy to reassign from software on client’s desktop: Free, Personal, Dynamic, Rental and Reserved
•Occupancy Monitoring
•Locker Usage Data
•Third-Party Integrations
•Remote Locker Control
•Web Interface, Mobile App 

Networked locker graphic.png

Fingerprint Recognition/Bioimetric locks - There is always a chance of losing, leaving at home, or having stolen a key/card/fob or mobile phone. In such cases the use a finger/thumb would be the ideal solution to open storage unit. The ultimate in security for locker areas.

Mobile Phone and Bluetooth Access Locks - Access lockers with your phone or tablet. Using a dedicated locker app, either open your personal locker or look for available lockers for temporary use.

Terminal Access Locks - Access lockers by a central terminal via RFID, PIN code or Bluetooth. Lockers can even be assigned via the terminal, granting access to unused lockers.