HUBLOK Parcel Delivery Lockers 

Today, more and more goods are being ordered online and delivered to offices and homes using various delivery/courier services. This is ideal for staff members but not for businesses as parcels take up precious space in receptions or loading bays and time is needed to distribute the packages. Personal handovers are tedious because employees may be in meetings or working in the field. That's why many companies are stopping personal deliveries to the workplace altogether.

Adding a HUBLOK parcel delivery and collection point will allow packages to be placed into a safe and secure location whilst notifying the owner the package has arrived. You can also use HUBLOK for pickups and distribution for your outside items such as Click and Collect, web shopping, dry cleaning, etc.


Commercial – multi tenant buildings or those with many staff members.

Residential/ Student Accommodation - Place an unmanned HUBLOK in an entrance to a building to allow residents to receive mail and parcels in a secure environment, rather than having personal mail arriving at work or at a neighbor or to an external collection point.

Airports- Allow passengers to purchase items and store them during their travels, to collect at their convenience upon return to the airport

As standard, we manufacture both laminate/MFC, steel and High Pressure Laminate (HPL). We have created standard sizes to help you design your own locker unit but can also make to their specific requirements.


    • Electronically controlled lockers for package deliveries

    • Different locker locations can be integrated into a single system

    • Various locker ‘keys’ supported: barcode, PIN code, RFID smart card…

    • Alarm in case of locker break-in supported

    • Instant E-mail and/or mobile message notifications with pick-up code to recipients upon delivery

    • Lockers can be opened remotely from PC

    • All locker events logging (for each locker)

    • Integrate with third-party Click and Collect management software for unlimited pick-up locker variations

    • Multilingual user interface

    • Multiple logistics: Single delivery / multiple pickups; Multiple deliveries / multiple pickups; Single delivery / single pickup

3 x software solutions- Suitable for all applications.

Standard- Ideal for unmanned buildings such as residential properties or offices without anyone to manage incoming mail. Without the need to input any information via PC. The touch screen is pre loaded with all staff/tenants in the office or building. Easy for any courier to use. Courier uses screen to designate a locker and an email is sent to recipient with unique pin code to collect their parcel.

Simple process-

·         Package is delivered to building and courier or staff visit touchscreen

·         Locker size is requested

·         Recipient selected from pre-uploaded database

·         Email or SMS sent to recipient with unique pin number

·         Recipient collects package

·         Locker is reset to empty

Self Managed. Software is installed on local PC. Items are logged via inputting details to the software. A locker is assigned per delivery. Recipient is contacted via email with unique pin code or barcode. Ideal solution for companies who want to manage their incoming mail solutions.

HUBLOK Managed Parcel Delivery

As a unique solution to parcel delivery, we offer a fully managed solution to clients in London. Rather than having all parcels delivered to Reception or Security, which takes up so much time and resources, you can have all parcels delivered to a HUBLOK Hub. All packages are then delivered to the office by one courier on the same day. Parcels are placed in a pick-up point locker system and a notification via email or text with a unique access code is sent to the user to obtain their item/s. Returns can also be managed the same way!

  • Save on costs and resources

  • Reduced security risk

  • Employees allowed to receive personal parcels at work whilst being more productive

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