Stunning new reception counter supplied to a popular Essex based spa

Nott Office were awarded the contract to manufacture and install a reception counter for a popular spa in Essex on behalf of a local office furniture dealer. The reception was constructed using a highly detailed wood replica laminate for its curved base with matching bespoke full height towel storage unit.  LED lights were fitted to the recessed plinth as a highlighting feature.
Shaped Corian with a stone-like grain was used as a worktop, ideal for the high traffic & client facing greeting point.
Let us know if you like the end result and feel free to contact us if you would like us to quote on your next project.


Case Study- 24 x Storagewall bays supplied and installed in less than 2 weeks

Yes thats right! We have just installed 24 bays of built in storagewall within 2 weeks of receiving an order from one of our fit-out dealer partners. 
A mixture of full height and low level were supplied, all in our standard brilliant white finish with graphite internals. 
If you are working on a project and worried about lead time please ask and we will see what we can do! 

We have been busy continuously developing our range of storagewall and can confirm the below features and services are standard on all orders:- 

  • Graphite internal carcass and shelving
  • Soft close hinges
  • Completely modular width and depths
  • No minimum order value
  • New in-house install team
  • Specials on request
  • Site surveys on all orders
  • In-house design available

Shining On Solid Surfaces

At Nott Office, we have helped to design and manufacture many bespoke pieces of furniture that make use of the wide variety of Resin Solid Surfaces currently available. These have included such well-known brands as Corian, Avonite, Himacs, Krion and Hanex.

Our furniture that has proudly featured Solid Surfaces include stunning Reception Counters and multi-purpose Work Surfaces, both of which are commonly used in commercial premises, such as offices, hotels, leisure, healthcare and restaurants, and which bear testament to their robustness and visual appeal.

Solid Surfaces are often used as replacements for granite and stone. This is because they can be formed, repaired and polished, and also because they are highly resistant to fire, can endure extremes of weather and boast seamless joints for maximum visual appeal.

Take a look at some recent projects involving Resin Solid Surfaces.

Key Benefits of Solid Surfaces:
Seamless/invisible joints - 
sheets and sections can be bonded together using chemical welding kits. This guarantees an uninterrupted continuity of the surface’s physical and chemical properties within each item’s joints.
Highly resistant to fire -
 Resin Solid Surfaces are considered to be virtually fireproof, as the material does not allow fire to spread.
Resistant to sunlight -
  proven to be extraordinarily resistant to the deterioration caused by UV radiation.
Resistant to extreme environments – Solid Surfaces are capable of withstanding extreme conditions, such as those found in marine environments or where there is exposure to steam, immersion in water or freezing conditions, and many others.
Sustainability - 
the majority of Solid Surfaces are 100% recyclable.
Highly resistant to chemical attack -
 the material’s resistance to chemical attack makes it ideal for use in laboratories and other professional facilities, as well as for use in any type of application where it’s necessary to return the surface to its original condition simply and effortlessly.
Easy to clean-  
Any normal stain, superficial burn, graffiti or marker pen stain can be removed from a Solid Surface. The surface is immediately returned to its original appearance simply by following the recommended cleaning instructions.

Food grade -  Solid Surfaces are a food-grade product that meets both US and European standards. This means it can be used in any environment where there is contact with foodstuffs.
Colours – Each Solid Surfaces range is available in any one of more than a hundred colours and this includes flecks and stone replication. Special or corporate colours can also be created for projects that exceed the minimum quantities required.
Backlighting – 
Solid Surfaces can be used to create backlit spaces. It is possible to create spectacular lighting effects by combining different thicknesses of the material.
Hygienic - 
We recommend KRION™ surfaces, which don’t allow the growth or spread of bacteria and fungi. This is an intrinsic and permanent property of the material’s composition, achieved without the need for additives, which makes it an ideal material for locations that have demanding hygiene and sanitation requirements, such as operating theatres or clean rooms.

Case Study- Community Housing Head Office- London

We were delighted and excited when we at Nott Office, in collaboration with a London based fit-out partner, were awarded the contract to supply a Community Housing Association with an up-to-date and ultra-efficient workspace through our innovative design and purposeful furniture. Here was an opportunity to prove that an office environment can be attractive without sacrificing functionality.
The brief was simple but specific. To design a theme and layout for our office furniture that fulfilled the needs of a large staff while ably accommodating their many clients. We were tasked with the five main areas of the new office complex – the main open-plan office space, the reception, the staff canteen, the executive boardroom and the private staff space.

The reception area was the place where staff and clients met and would be a space with a lot of coming and going. This meant that the area had to not only be welcoming, but designed with flow in mind. The space was long, so we supplied a reception counter to suit. We also made sure it met with the needs of both staff and clients by integrating desk areas at either end, so the two could meet and discuss things face-to-face.

The executive boardroom was a prime opportunity to bring a little glamour into the office with the classic look of walnut teamed with modern functionality in both easy access power supplies and wall storage.

The office space needed to serve the needs of 40+ staff, providing ample desk space and making the best use of those areas to include computer equipment that was easily accessible and of course, safe. Our design and furniture ensured all this through installation of bench desking with various integrated power supplies and accessories that made use of available vertical space.

The canteen was going to be a high-traffic area so any furniture we provided had to be able to endure heavy use and have a long life. So we supplied furniture that was not only attractive and comfortable but robust and easy to maintain.

The private staff space needed to be secure and provide adequate storage for all staff during their working day. We provided lockable lockers to hold their bags and small- to medium-sized items, while also ensuring that their coats and jackets did not become creased by supplying full-length cupboards with hanging facilities.

Launch of Easy Office in the UK

Introducing Easy Office by Nott Office

With clever yet simple construction values, what truly set this range of furniture apart from all the others are its ability to be unique to EVERYONE.
With the use of state-of-the-art printing technology, you can choose any image - photo, artwork, pattern, wording and or logo - and have it printed directly onto the individual units. Now, you have the opportunity to create a workspace that is entirely unique, completely functional and stunningly beautiful.
The options for design are, quite literally, limitless.

Easy office products include four basic furniture components - desks, pedestals, cupboards and screens - which work together, in any combination, to provide a fully workable and unique office environment. This modular system can then be customised further with the unique printing technology. But this is not just another layer applied to the tops and fronts of the furniture, such as vinyl. With easy office logo, the chosen image becomes part of the construction, inseparable from the furniture’s carcass. This makes the furniture far more durable and resistant to damage, allowing it to serve its purpose and still look great for many years.
Easy office offers:

  • a modern approach to office and workplace design
  • award-winning design
  • eco-friendly credentials
  • easy to construct with a unique clip and fit construction
  • fast delivery times (3-4 weeks including full customisation)
  • a wide range of applications
  • endlessly customisable

Whether you want trendy or traditional, funky or formal, easy office has a design to suit all tastes and requirements. So if you feel uninspired by the choice of office furniture currently available in the UK, look no further than easy office logo. You can have an inventive and exciting workplace, leading to a happier workforce, greater productivity and an enhanced company image.

Find out more here:-

Get in touch with us at Nott Office to find out more about this unique offering and to be one-step ahead of the rest.

Leasing can work out more cost effective than outright purchace

Leasing your office furniture or fitout project can often work out better for business than outright purchase, particularly if your business is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or Partnership.  There are three key reasons for this.

Highly tax efficient

If you pay for the furniture and refurbishment of your office from your cashflow, only a limited percentage is allowable for tax purposes.  Because of the ‘intangible’ elements, the Revenue only allows you to claim capital allowances against approximately 65% of the project.  However, if you lease the works, the repayments are 100% allowable unlike any other form of finance such as a bank loan.  As a revenue cost, for a profitable partnership or LLP paying top rate tax, leasing is the most tax efficient method of finance. 

It enables a fairer allocation of cost among Partners

By choosing to lease, you spread the cost of a new office environment over three or five years and monthly payments are fixed for the duration of the lease.  This ensures that all future partners not only share in the new office environment, but in the cost of it too.  Correspondingly, retiring partners only pay for the new office until their retirement date rather than bearing the full cost of the project up-front.

Leasing gives more financial flexibility

Leasing allows you to preserve your existing bank credit lines without compromising future working capital.  So if your partnership has plans for further development or will require investment in the short to medium term, then this option could be the right one for your business.

The Pelican

Do pedestals cause you problems when one of your clients asks you to devise an office plan that incorporates 1200, or even, 1400 desks? Pedestals have a tendency to get in the way; even slimline models can take up valuable legroom beneath desks, and this can make it difficult, even uncomfortable, for the user. Well, we have a solution that does away with the awkwardness of a pedestal, whilst still incorporating all of its functionality.
The Pelican drawer is the solution. This innovative drawer provides secure storage for large items such as purses, laptops, or hanging files. This versatility makes it ideal for clients who do not have the room or requirement for an under-desk pedestal. The Pelican drawer is also available in options for laptop users, complete with keyboard and foldout mouse support.

We have large amounts of Pelicans in stock and can offer quick delivery!

Ideal environments:-


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New Website for 2015

We are very proud to announce the launch of our new look website!
Our brand new website for 2015 now includes a wealth of information for both our existing and new clients, and we will also be using our new site as a platform for launching new products, announcing events, keeping you up to date with industry news and connecting to our social media hub (such as our Twitter and blog accounts on this page).
Please take the time to have a look around our new website ( and also to connect with us on Twitter. Remember to keep checking back with us, as we will be very active this year!