Launch Of SERO. Lockers

SERO- Latin meetings-

1) Lock, 2) put in a row, 3) create.

The ideal word to describe our new range of fully customisable furniture solutions including lockers and reception desks.

First up in our product launch is lockers. Out in a matter of days, our priced guide will feature how simple it is to create your own modules, a vast selection of finishes and lock options, networked locks and our new parcel delivery lockers ‘HUBLOK’. It will also be the first time we are showcasing specialist lockers including high density polyethylene for outdoor uses, composite doors for heavy use areas and solid grade laminate units for wet rooms and food preparation areas.

Contact us for more info or to arrange a meeting for us to introduce our exciting new range. hashtag#furniture hashtag#agileworking hashtag#lockers hashtag#parceldelivery

Click on the image below to download a copy of our un-priced brochure or contact us for a price list.