Case Study- Community Housing Head Office- London

We were delighted and excited when we at Nott Office, in collaboration with a London based fit-out partner, were awarded the contract to supply a Community Housing Association with an up-to-date and ultra-efficient workspace through our innovative design and purposeful furniture. Here was an opportunity to prove that an office environment can be attractive without sacrificing functionality.
The brief was simple but specific. To design a theme and layout for our office furniture that fulfilled the needs of a large staff while ably accommodating their many clients. We were tasked with the five main areas of the new office complex – the main open-plan office space, the reception, the staff canteen, the executive boardroom and the private staff space.

The reception area was the place where staff and clients met and would be a space with a lot of coming and going. This meant that the area had to not only be welcoming, but designed with flow in mind. The space was long, so we supplied a reception counter to suit. We also made sure it met with the needs of both staff and clients by integrating desk areas at either end, so the two could meet and discuss things face-to-face.

The executive boardroom was a prime opportunity to bring a little glamour into the office with the classic look of walnut teamed with modern functionality in both easy access power supplies and wall storage.

The office space needed to serve the needs of 40+ staff, providing ample desk space and making the best use of those areas to include computer equipment that was easily accessible and of course, safe. Our design and furniture ensured all this through installation of bench desking with various integrated power supplies and accessories that made use of available vertical space.

The canteen was going to be a high-traffic area so any furniture we provided had to be able to endure heavy use and have a long life. So we supplied furniture that was not only attractive and comfortable but robust and easy to maintain.

The private staff space needed to be secure and provide adequate storage for all staff during their working day. We provided lockable lockers to hold their bags and small- to medium-sized items, while also ensuring that their coats and jackets did not become creased by supplying full-length cupboards with hanging facilities.