Lockers By Nott Office

Easy to price and with limitless options. Unlike other manufacturers, we have no standard sizes and can make any size of door/module required, and can be made from a variety of materials including laminates, veneers, High Pressure Laminates (HPL) and steel. We also offer large number of lock options to ensure the client receives the best possible solution with the right look, price and, of course, ease of use for application.

Our lockers are suitable for many applications including :

Lock options

We offer a wide variety of lock options for many applications and uses, ranging from a simple key lock to fully networked intelligent systems. Please check out our Lock Options page HERE, which includes images and information on the following :

  • Manual and digital combination locks

  • Battery and networked RFID locks

  • Fingerprint recognition/Bio-metric locks

  • Bluetooth access locks

  • Terminal access locks 


Add various accessories to lockers to make them more user-friendly and efficient. Accessories includes :

  • Mobile phone charging

  • Benches/Seating

  • In-locker lighting

  • Sloped tops