Easy Office- Individualised furniture for offices and home environments


Do your clients feel uninspired by the choice of office furniture available to them in the UK?

Now you have an opportunity to show them how inventive and exciting a workplace can be. Their office environment can become a place that excites their workforce, inspiring them to be more productive and improving staff morale. A good-looking and original office environment will also create a great first impression on visitors, thereby enhancing a company’s brand image.

An easy economic and quick way to finally give some personality to your workspace .

Utilise classical, fun or corporate designs to create your ideal environment.

easyOffice is an award-winning revolutionary approach to office environments, bringing simplicity and individuality to every workplace.

Comprising the four essential elements of office furniture – desks, pedestals, cupboards and screens – easyOffice features high quality construction using sustainable materials, combined with almost limitless customisation options.

easyOffice works on a modular system, so by using these four essential items your clients can create the office environment that fulfils their every requirement, including the all-important quality of aesthetics. Your clients will be able to mix desks with cupboards and pedestals and zone their open-plan office so that it can serve a variety of purposes.

But the benefits of easyOffice don’t end there.

With easyOffice, your clients can create a unique look for their workspace.

Using state-of-the-art printing technology, easyOffice can print any image a client desires onto many parts of the easyOffice furniture range. Such images can be photographs, patterns, text or even the company logo. Alternatively, for a subtler, less impactful look, clients can choose plain colours and textures. Images can be sourced from the huge easyOffice database or clients can provide their own digital image files. The choice is, quite literally, limitless.

89% of employees consider that their working environment has an important impact on effectiveness and 83% state that affects their day-to-day motivation


Worried that this is just another vinyl or veneer printing system?

easyOffice printing technology is different from anything that has come before. The image that is printed onto the furniture becomes part of the entire unit, inseparable from the construction materials used to build each piece. This makes every easyOffice customised unit extremely durable and resistant to damage, so your clients will have a workplace that is not only more than fit-for-purpose and which will last for years, but highly original and stunningly attractive.


Easy to build and transport

easyOffice is not so called for nothing - it is extremely easy to build. The cupboard unit, for example, features a clever  design that means anyone can build a complete unit in just 2 minutes – and all without a screwdriver!

All easyOffice items are packaged as flat-packs and have been designed to take up as little space as possible on a transportation pallet.

Delivery is fast too. We can guarantee that your clients will have their easyOffice furniture within 2-3 weeks of placing an order.

easyOffice is the office solution with something for everyone, whether your clients want a funky and contemporary workplace or an environment that is a little more traditional.